Sakse og andre redskaber

Scissors and other tools

This is a short overview of the most important tools you need to make paper flowers. 

Some of the links are for danish websites - but they are just to show, what product I am referring to. I hope you can find the same products in your home country :) 


The most important tool is of course your scissors. I would recommend that you have both a small, pointed pair of scissors for precision (between 10-15cm long) and a larger pair of scissors (between 20-30cm long).

At one point I had problems with pain in my hands... simply because I had made too many paper flowers! That's why I bought two scissors - one small and one large - which have a built-in spring and an easier grip. Both are from Fiskars and are called " easy action" soft grip (not sponsored!) 

Glue gun

I often get asked about my glue gun. It is an ordinary small glue gun from Panduro Hobby (this is a chain of hobby stores, that we have in Scandinavia). I think it cost about 10 dollars. The advantage of this glue gun is that it is a "low temperature" glue gun - so you don't burn yourself so much and it doesn't drip.

Pliers for cutting steel wire

When you have to cut wire to the stem of the flowers, you need a wire cutter. I usually use a small pair of pliers that are made for jewelry. However, those have difficulty cutting the thick steel wire - so for that I have borrowed a large pair of pliers from my boyfriend's toolbox.

Small spatula for spreading glue

When you use tacky glue, it is much easier to spread it on the paper if you use a small spatula. Before, I used a brush to spread the glue, but it quickly filled with glue and stuck to the paper. My little spatula is a " Princeton Catalyst mini blade 04 " - it can be bought in several places online (also not sponsored!)


For watercolor painting, I use both a small watercolor brush (size 000) and a slightly larger watercolor brush (size 5). For PanPastel I use a small - former - makeup brush and some regular flat acrylic brushes.

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